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Used With These Microphones:

Available with various different hole size to fit microphones from 17 – 50mm dia

Popular Microphone

AKG D230 C1000S
Audio Technica AT8033 MB2k MB4k
Beyer Dynamic M58 M59 M201 MCE55
Electrovoice EV635 RE50
Nuemann KMS105
Rode M2 Reporter
Sennheiser E835 E935 SKM100 SKM1000 MD42 MD46 EW135 MKE Range SKM Range
Shure SM57 SM58 SM63 VP64 P48
Sony UTX H2 F112 F720 F780
Wisycom MTH 410
Yellowtec iXM

Available with various different hole sizes to suit microphones from 17 – 30mm dia with slots no further than 15cm from the end

Rode NTG-1 Video Pro
Sennheiser MKE600 MKH 60-1

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